The Otto and Fran Walter Rotary Peace Center


The program on Peace and Development Studies is based on a holistic approach, highlighting the nexus between sustainable development, conflict transformation and positive peace


The Peace Fellows will explore the potential and limitations of key conceptualization, monitoring and evaluation frameworks regarding conflict, fragility and resilience in country and regional contexts.


Extra-curricular activities involving field visits offer hands-on experience to help cultivate skills as innovative and considerate practitioners.

A world university at the center of Istanbul hosts the newest Rotary Peace Center!

Prof. Esra Hatipoğlu

Bahçeşehir University Rector

“Bahçeşehir University brings deep local expertise in the Middle East and North Africa, embodying a commitment to multiculturalism and understanding.”

Prof. Ebru Canan-Sokullu
Prof. Ebru Canan-Sokullu

Peace Center Executive Director

“Fellows will have the unique opportunity to study peacebuilding in a multidimensional way that focuses on the interconnectedness of peace with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.” 

Prof. Esra Albayrakoğlu

Peace Center Academic Director

“The program will combine coursework, community engagement activities and field trips focused on issues and solutions that are of particular relevance throughout the Middle East and North Africa.” 

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